Rebekkah Rose is an award winning full service wedding and event planner based in Orlando, FL and New York City and also specializes in destination events.

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With a background in event production and live music, Rebekkah brings her contagious personality, out of the box design conception and logistical organization to give her clients the ability to be present and enjoy their once in a lifetime moments. 

“I don't know what kind of magic this woman has, but if you want to sit back and enjoy your day, you need Rebekkah.”

- Evan

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"Hiring Rebekkah for full planning was THE best decision I made throughout my whole wedding planning process. Rebekkah is a one of a kind gem who needs to be in the record books for best wedding planner in the universe. She's patient, kind, funny, lovable, strong, fierce, organized, caring, will always have your back and is always thinking 10 steps ahead so you don't have to worry about anything!

I met Rebekkah over 2 years ago and as soon as I had my over the phone consultation I knew I needed Rebekkah and her team if I wanted to have the stress free wedding of my dreams! And yes..... she planned my wedding for over 2 years. Talk about dedication!

Rebekkah is so detail oriented its insane, she's so talented at what she does it will blow your mind and if you decide to do full planning with her you will miss your monthly calls and you'll wish you were still planning your wedding because thats how amazing she is.

I really don't know how to put into words how grateful I am for Rebekkah and her Runway team. I needed a planner that I could work hand and hand with who I could trust with my fairytale wedding vision, Rebekkah was that girl! She helped me so so much, without her I could have never pulled off my wedding.

All of my family members who came to the wedding are saying they want to relive it every weekend and so do I. Her vendor list is AMAZING. Everything came out so beautiful and perfect better than I could have EVER imagined which is saying a lot because I reached for the stars.

You know how people always say "don't worry something always goes wrong the day of the wedding you just have roll with the punches" I can HONESTLY say nothing went wrong on my wedding day. Not one thing. And if something did go wrong Rebekkah, Yami, and Mel did a wonderful job and keeping it under control because I didn't notice anything and those are the kind of wedding planners you want, the kind of wedding planners you need and I am so thankful. They made sure I was stress free on my wedding day, they took charge of my wild family and made sure everyone knew what they were supposed to do and thats hard to do with my family lol. They were there for me 100%.

Also Rebekkah is AMAZING with parents if you have a mom or a dad who have different views than you she does an amazing job at explaining what she knows will look good and why its worth it so you don't have to worry.  And if you're indecisive like me,  you can count on Rebekkah to help you make those hard decisions and all of a sudden the " hard " decisions become easy because you have someone who will tell you their honest opinion. I fully trust Rebekkah and I hope you hire Runway for your wedding, I promise you will not regret it."

- alexis, via

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